Jesus is King of all and any king. He rules with love, justice, grace & truth. He is a King who cares for His people and desires for His kingdom to expand on Earth as it exists in Heaven. The Kingdom of God is perfect, filled with peace & joy. As Christians, we are on a mission to invite people into his Kingdom as well as display God’s kingdom to every corner of our city.


Jesus is Savior of the world. He was sent to reconcile all those who believe in His name back to our Creator. We believe all fall short of perfection and need something to save us. That something is someone we call Jesus. He saves us from our past and offers new life when we choose to walk in obedience and love toward the Father.

To Grow

We believe growth is pivotal to every believer. Through reading God’s word, living life with one another and keeping prayer at the center of our lives we will grow in faith & character.

To Lead

Jesus was the best leader to ever live. By following the example He left, we will learn and develop our unique leadership qualities to best fulfill the mission He left.

To Witness

The life we live, the words we say and the acts we leave behind will be a witness to the world. It’s our mission to tell the world who Jesus is and what he has done.